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Proper tree care is an investment and should only be handled by those trained to use the proper methods and tools to ensure safety. A properly maintained tree can be a beautiful asset and increase any property value, a poorly maintained tree can become a dangerous liability. Hire a professional!

Palm Trees and Power Lines

Palm trees growing near power lines create unique issues. Unlike other trees, palms grow in a straight, vertical line, with a single growing point at the top of the tree. Because of this, normal pruning techniques are not effective. With most trees, crews are able to direct the growth away from power lines using proper pruning techniques, but growth of palm trees cannot be redirected.
  • A planting distance of 20 - 40 feet to reduce the risk of windblown fronds contacting power lines.
  • Plant palm trees far enough away from power lines that no part of the tree ever grows within 10 feet of the line.
  • Thinking about the mature height of any tree and its distance from power lines before planting.

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